5 relatable struggles of being a girl

Being a girl can be exciting, fun and enjoyable on most days but it can also be stressful, frustrating and annoying on some days. The modern girl has the responsibility to rise-up to challenges and face every day with a smile but we’re only human and we have our bad days! Here are some struggles we go through on a daily basis.  
  1. Maintaining our hair Bad hair days can be the worst thing that can happen to us. Or hair defines our look and when it goes haywire it can definitely kill our mood. Long hair takes an hour in the shower and another 30 minutes to style if you’re heading out and short hair has its own downsides of not staying the way you want it to. But we treat our hair as our identity and maintaining it is a full-time job!
  2. Wearing a bra Bras are a construct of society and for society and can feel like boob prison. Taking it off at the end of the day is the best part! Summers are hell when you have boob sweat and you have to go out and act like you’re enjoying yourself. If there was one thing we could do to make the overall experience of being a girl better, it would be to ditch the bra!
  3. Periods Bearing a child is a beautiful and miraculous thing. But going through monthly periods are the bane of our existence. The pain is unbearable, but we bear it anyway. The whole ordeal is messy and we just want to stay in bed and curl up into a ball, but we go about our day anyway. We’ve got this struggle but we have the strength to overcome it!
  4. Travelling alone at night We feel independent enough to take care of ourselves when we head out at night. But there are always people willing to threaten that and make us feel unsafe. One of the biggest struggles we go through are our freedom being threatened by those who feel like they can do so. Things are slowly getting better, only because we are getting stronger.
  5. Hair removal Wearing shorts and skirts is impossible with hairy legs. Even though we don’t really care, our male friends pointing at our legs and equating us to them is a situation we love to avoid. So, we undergo the pain of waxing every two months. The experience is horrible when you start but as time passes we get used to it and it’s not so bad!
Lavina Khanchandani (1st Runner-Up, Skinderella 2018) on being a girl.

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