Tips to Glo up in Summer

"Summer time is always the best of what might be," they often quote in the west. Well, not in India maybe! No doubt, we wait for summers so that we can flaunt our cute maxi dresses or relish mangoes, melons, and litchis, but most of us despise summers owing to the havoc it wreaks on our skin.

Pimples, dullness, sun-burn, suntans, oiliness, ans pigmentation are some of the nuisances this brutal season brings along. However, whilst staying in a tropical country, we have to deal with the fact that we can't completely let go off summers. But we can surely save our skin from all the afflictions summer subjects it to. Let's have a look at some simply tips which will help you maintain your goddess glow in the summers.


1. Don't Ignore Your Hydration and Nutrition
Our body loses a lot of water in summers in the form of sweat. Therefore, it becomes imperative to replenish the hydration levels of the body.

Not drinking enough water can lead to dull and dehydrated skin. However, contrary to the popular belief which states that you should drink up to 5-6 litres of water everyday, our body does not need more than 2-3 litres of water per day to keep up its normal functioning. Drinking more than what is required by the body can seriously mess up your appetite and digestion.

Summers are the time when the nature showers its bounties upon us in the form of seasonal fruits. Make sure to consume at least one seasonal fruit everyday, be it mangoes, muskmelon, water melon, or jamun. These are loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, which are very important to give your skin that envious lustre and glow.


2. Time to Befriend Your Sunscreen
No matter how old school or cliched it sounds, you have to accept that sunscreens are an inseparable part of every summer skin care regimen. Though most of us use sunscreens on a daily basis, not all are acquainted with the correct way of applying it in order to ensure maximum sun protection.

How to choose a sunscreen

Whether you have oily, normal, or dry skin, your best bet would be to go for a sunscreen which is gel-based or has a non-greasy finish. It would be best to avoid cream based heavy sunscreens as the oil glands are overactive in summers which can lead to excessive sweating or oiliness.

If you feel that your sunscreen is not moisturising enough, you can always use a moisturiser, allow it to be absorbed by your skin, and then apply sunscreen over it.

Talking about SPF, sunscreens with a sun-protection-factor of 25-40 is considered ideal for Indian summers. You can also go for a sunscreen with cooling agents like cucumbers, aloe vera, and mint and watermelons like the Skinella Watermelon Sunscreen for an added boost of freshness along with sun-protection.

How to apply sunscreen

Always apply your sunscreen in dots over your face, neck, ears, and exposed body parts. Then, gently blend the sunscreen in the form of a thin film. Never rub your sunscreen like you would do with your normal face cream. It has to be spread evenly and not massaged on your skin.

When you apply your sunscreen like this, you may notice a whitish cast on your face which will vanish by itself in a few minutes. Wait for at least five minutes for your sunscreen to settle before going ahead with doing the rest of your makeup. Also, make sure to reapply your sunscreen every 3-4 hours. If you are someone who wears makeup over your sunscreen, you may want to invest in powder-based sunscreens so that you are saved from the hassle of doing your makeup afresh after every sunscreen re-application.

Note: Understand that no sunscreen is 100% effective in preventing suntan. Sunscreen has an even important role in the form of shielding your skin against the harmful UV rays. Sun tan would go away with time but sun damage won't. Hence, don't skip your sunscreen even if you feel that it does not do an appreciable job in terms of intercepting sun tan.


3. Pamper Your Skin with DIY Face Masks
Summers are the best time when it comes to playing with some homemade face masks. Be it the popular age old face mask consisting of gram flour, turmeric, and curd for fighting pigmentation or the refreshing fuller's earth and rosewater face mask to get rid of the pesky pimples and heartless zits, we all love trying and experimenting with DIY face masks.

Here are some homemade face masks which you can try to pamper yourself while watching TV or sipping coffee. 1. Orange peel powder and curd to instantly brighten up your skin.
2. Curd and kasturi manjal/Amba Haldi/organic kitchen turmeric to bid goodbye to unyielding tan.
3. Aloe vera gel and turmeric face mask to soothe irritated skin.

Try to avoid using lemon juice in your face masks because it makes your skin extra sub-sensitive. Also, use your face masks in the evening for best results.

Note: Always do a patch test before applying any store brought/homemade face mask to avoid skin irritation and allergies.


4. Update Your Skin Care Routine
Did you know that using a harsh face wash/astringent on your face can lead to excessive oil production and pimples. Well, the compensatory mechanism of our body tries to replenish the lost moisture by producing excess oil and sebum whenever we torture our faces by washing our face multiple number of times.

So, stay away from the face washes which claim to suck up all the so-called excessive oils from your skin. Switch to a mild face wash or alternatively you can wash your face with a homemade ubtan made up of ground green gram, cashews, almonds, and orange peel powder.

When it comes to toning, say good bye to all of your harsh toners and astringents and invest in a mild toner with herbal extracts or pure organic rosewater.

If you feel that your conventional moisturiser is a bit too thick, use store-brought unscented aloe vera gel to moisturise your skin. You can also skip your moisturiser and use a day cream like the Skinella Cranberry Skin Lightening Creme. Loaded with Vitamin C and enriched with SPF 15, this cream would help you lighten your dark spots and give you an even glow.

Also, you may use a detan mask containing citrus extracts like the Skinella Juicy Fresh Detan Mask twice a week to banish suntan and get rid of uneven skin tone. As an additional tip, massage a few drops of desi ghee or clarified butter on the soles of your feet. This would help you get rid of the excessive body heat and would keep skin allergies and pimples at bay.

So, folks, what are you waiting for? Get set to flaunt your sun-kissed summer glow this season.

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