A gym girl never leaves her place without these 8 things in her bag

Ever wondered what is in the quintessential gym bag that you see strapped around those strong shoulders of the no-nonsense gym going girl? Wonder no more, because we have all the answers for you -

Water Bottle

The secret of that glowing skin is gallons and gallons of water. Why not, after sweating it all out at the gym, water makes up an important part of a gym-goer’s entire routine!


Our girl believes in staying fresh at all times!


It is important to smell good, especially since you’re sweating it out, isn’t it?

Skinella’s Coffee Lip Balm

Imagine the freshness of coffee lingering on your lips all day long…..yes, our gym diva loves it!

Skinella’s Blueberry Face Wash

A good face wash is an absolute necessity! Watch her as she wipes her face clean after a good workout session.

Skinella’s Watermelon Sunscreen

Being active might require her to step out into the sun for long hours. She believes in taking utmost care of her skin.

Skinella’s Mandarin Gel Bodywash

A hot water shower after a workout session at the gym is a no-brainer, but our diva knows how to take things to the next level. Imagine a sweet smelling hot shower that leaves you feeling fresh and clean- she knows how to make it happen!

mandarin gel body wash

A Granola Bar

You never know when she might need a quick snack; a fast metabolism leaves her feeling hungry ever once in a while!

Interesting, isn’t it? Are you a gym goer too? Does your bag have all the necessary items that contribute to a healthy workout routine?

Be naturally you with Skinella.

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