Essential Lip Care Routine Revealed

The skin on our lips is a lot more slender than the skin on other parts of our body. This makes it easier for them to chap and crack and makes it important for you to take extra care of them.

With a touch of tender care, your lips can be flawless right away. Simply follow these steps and pucker up! 

Carry a Water Bottle: Drinking enough water (9 cups of liquids every day) will keep the body, skin, and lips hydrated.

Avoid Licking: Licking your lips harms the protective layer, which can dry out your lips.

Exfoliate: Removing dead skin cells is an absolute necessity to ensure that your lips don't contract any contamination.

Massage Your Lips: This enhances the blood circulation in your lips and guarantees that they get the required nutrients.

Protection from the Sun: Lips are vulnerable to sunburns since they lack melanin, a pigment that assists in shielding skin from the sun. Apply a layer of a sun-protective product like an SPF lip moisturizer.

The Significance of a Consistent Lip Care Routine

Lip care isn't something that crosses everybody's mind. You may remember to wash and moisturize your face every day to take sufficient care of the hair on your head, but lip care may not be something you undertake religiously. That said, it is critical to forestall ageing of the lips, and who doesn't cherish having delicate, plumped lips?

In case you're thinking about how to get incredibly delectable lips, you are at the ideal place! These are a few tips that you can keep in mind for immense lip care.

  • Keep Your Lips Moist 

Appears to be an easy decision, correct? Obviously, it's imperative to keep your lips moist. The inquiry is: how? Start with the basics! Use lip balm habitually throughout the course of the day. We recommend applying a little bit each time you use the washroom.

  • Wear the Right Lipstick 

Not all lipsticks are made equally well. Some contain chemicals that can be detrimental such as parabens, for instance. A few other lipsticks are produced using all-natural ingredients—like plant oils or beeswax and utilize natural colouring. Opt for these kinds of lipsticks if possible.

  • Eat Well and Drink Lots of Water 

This is an essential step to acquiring smooth, delicate lips. Keep a solid, balanced diet involving a lot of superfoods, and drink 9 cups of water every day. This will help not only for your lip health, but it will also assist you with looking and feeling more youthful!

  • Apply Petroleum Jelly Before You Go to Bed 

To give your lips additional assurance, apply a slender layer of classic petroleum jelly before you go to sleep. Petroleum jelly is a well known occlusive agent. This fundamentally means that it creates a protective layer on your skin, keeping hydration and dampness in check.

Why are Organic Lip Balms Better?

Organic lip balms provide significantly more prominent advantages since they contain no chemicals, pesticides, added substances, or synthetic ingredients that could jeopardize your body or the earth. These lip balms contain fewer ingredients than other sorts of lip balms, so it's more clear as to what you're putting on your lips. Numerous organic balms are additionally cruelty-free and eco-friendly, so you're contributing your fair share for your body as well as the planet.

Moreover, numerous organic lip balm producers are focused on making products that don't hurt animals, and these are perfect for individuals who have adopted a vegan lifestyle. They don't utilize any ingredients obtained from or tried on animals, and they don't involve any animal testing procedures.

Non-organic lip balms contain ingredients that can hurt the earth, either through how they're obtained or how they are produced. A significant number of these ingredients, for instance, contain petroleum-based products, which are acquired by drilling the earth. On the other hand, organic lip balms contain natural components that have far lesser damaging effects on air, water, and soil.

Lip Balms Perfect for Daily Use

At Skinella, we provide a wide range of skincare products that are made with the natural power of superfoods so that you can feed your skin pure beauty without the baggage of chemicals. Our most popular lip balm flavour is the Coffee Lip Balm.

Treat your lips to a refreshing flavour of coffee with this unique lip balm. Instantly hydrating, this luscious lip balm moisturizes, softens and makes your lips soft and tempting. Let the fresh flavour of coffee linger on your lips. Savour the richness and aroma.

The Most Popular Lip Balm Flavour?

Our most popular lip balm flavour is Strawberry Lip Balm. Instantly hydrating, this delicious lip balm helps lock in moisture, banishes dryness and leaves you with cushiony soft lips. Indulge in the sweet flavour of Strawberry and get soft and moisturized lips.

What is the Most Popular Fruit Flavoured Lip Balm?

Our best-selling fruit flavoured lip balm is the Mandarin lip balm. Relish in the tangy and reviving flavour of mandarins on your lips. Blended with olive oil, this keeps your lips, soft, smooth and moisturized.

Go natural and reap countless health benefits with Skinella's organic lip balms. Shop today!

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