Feed your skin with these incredible skin care products!

Don’t we all dream of having perfectly flawless skin free from blemishes, scars and pigmentation? Though the impossible beauty standards do put a due amount of pressure on people all over the world, it’s important to remember that health comes first and once we take care of our skin and feed it the right skin care products, a healthy and natural glow will ensue on its own. Given the vast range of skincare and beauty products available today, it’s no wonder we get easily confused! An important thing to remember is that it’s always best to choose natural skin care products as they’re gentle on the skin without stripping away the natural oils. Now that you know what suits you best, take a look at these easy skin care routines that are sure to make your skin glow #SuperNaturally

1. Wash your worries away

The first step is to use a good face wash that gently cleanses the skin without leaving it dry. It’s important to wash off all the dirt and impurities that we encounter through the day. Besides this, something as simple as a face wash can be incredibly refreshing and rejuvenating.

blueberry face wash

Our Blueberry Face Wash enriched with blueberry extract and olive oil brightens your face leaving it soft and supple to match your youthfulness.

2. Scrub, scrub, scrub!

Bid that dead skin goodbye and scrub away to glory with an exfoliation scrub. It’s the best way to get rid of dead skin cells and it also improves circulation. Regular exfoliation can also help prevent clogged pores and improve collagen production.

pink guava body polish scrub

If you’re looking for a face and body scrub to get the job done, try our Pink Guava Body Polish Scrub that will leave your skin feeling new and silky smooth like never before! Apart from this the Kiwi Face Scrub and the Honey Oats Face Scrub are sure to steal your heart if you’re looking for a face scrub to add to your weekly beauty regime.

3. The only mask you should ever wear!

Face masks are slowly gaining a lot of popularity and for good reason too. Not only do they make the face supple by firming and tightening the skin but they also even out the skin tone and help in diminishing fine lines.

seaweed insta glow face mask

Apart from this, it’s always good to opt for a face mask that instead of drying out the skin, leaves it well hydrated and moisturized. Our Seaweed Insta Glow Face Mask will leave you with a glow up that’ll make sure you don’t need a filter. Its invigorating properties eliminate impurities while hydrating the skin for a soft glow.

4. Sun’s shining and so are you.

Never underestimate the power of a good sunscreen! How many times have you finished off with your skincare routine and left the house WITHOUT sun protection? Not only does this undo all the care you just put in for your skin, but it also leaves your skin unprotected and more prone to sun damage. Instead, apply a generous amount of sun screen lotion as its SPF protects your skin against the deadly rays of the sun and pollution. Daily use of sunscreen helps prevent fine lines and wrinkles.

watermelon sunscreen skinella

Try our Watermelon Sunscreen enriched with Raspberry seed oil which is non-greasy and gently protects your skin from harmful sun rays!

Lips need care too!

It’s easy to forget about your lips while going through your skin care regime but don’t forget that they need hydration too! Skinella’s range of natural lip balms provide an easy way of getting rid of those pesky chapped lips as they keep your lips plump and hydrated. The best part about them is that they’re easy to carry so slip into your bag and head out without a worry. Opt for our delicious Strawberry Lip Balm packed with the sweet flavor of strawberry.

And there you have it! Go on and give these skin care products a try and embrace the naturally youthful skin that is your own!

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