Get that glow with these 5 fruits!

Summer’s here and the most imperative beauty regime is skin care. The dryness and sun can take a toll on your skin, leaving it dull and lifeless. But nature holds the solution in fresh & juicy fruits. Not only are they yum, but they can also quench your skin’s thirst for nutrition! Here are 5 fruits that can help your skin glow even in harsh weather!
  • Orange Oranges are magical when it comes to transforming the way your skin looks. Oranges are rich in anti-oxidants and can work wonders on your skin. They are also great for de-tanning and smoothening your skin! The best face-packs with orange are in combinations with papaya, coconut oil, gram flour or oatmeal. It’s easy to make and is highly beneficial to your skin!
  • Apple This multi-purpose, healthy fruit is rich in vitamin C, vitamin A and copper. Vitamin C helps re-store collagen in your skin which can keep it supple, copper helps maintain melanin production which helps protect your skin from natural ultraviolet rays and vitamin A helps build the damaged skin tissues and promote the growth of new cells. The recipe? It’s simple – curd, lemon and apple pulp. Why haven’t you tried it out yet?
  • Kiwi This Australian fruit has a plethora of benefits when it comes to rejuvenating your skin. It is one of the richest sources of vitamin C and has more vitamin C than oranges! Imagine what good that could do for your skin. You can use kiwi in with curd, lemon or banana and curd. Curd and banana moisturize your skin while kiwi cleanses it and lemon with kiwi is a burst of freshness during Summer!
  • Banana Besides a multitude of health benefits, bananas are the perfect natural ingredient for glowing youthful skin and they can be mixed and matched with almost any other fruit for a balance of nutrients. Banana acts as a skin cleanser, a moisturizer and works against fine lines and wrinkles. You can simply add some rose-water to a cup of mashed bananas and apply the paste on your face to enjoy its benefits.
  • Tomato This bright juicy fruit is the solution to a number of your skin problems. As yummy as they are, they are just as beneficial for your skin. Just slices of tomatoes under your eyes can lighten your dark circles after an all-nighter of cramming before exams, and even out you skin tone to give you that glow. They can be used with honey for blemishes, with oats and yoghurt for blackheads or with aloe vera gel for dark circles!
Shreya Shukla (Winner, Skinderella 2018) on feeding her skin.

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