Natural Lip Balm: All That You Need to Know

It is believed that Cleopatra, one of the most beautiful women in history used a concoction of beeswax, animal fat, and olive oil to maintain the soft and supple look of her lips. Much has changed in the realm of women’s beauty care since Cleopatra’s time. But what remains same even today is the desire to flaunt shiny and healthy lips, and this is where lip balms come into the picture. Lip balms have slowly but surely become the mainstay of women’s lip care routine and for more than one reason. If you too wish to flaunt moisturised and soft lips, using a natural lip balm can be the magic solution. Here’s all that you need to know about natural lip balms.

Why Use Natural Lip Balm?

With the market being flooded with innumerable commercialised lip balm varieties, making your choice between natural and synthetic lip balms can seem to be a bit tedious. But it won’t be so if you know what lip balm is best for your lips. When it comes to lip care products, natural lip balms are the best. They are safer to use in comparison to synthetic balms and ensure softness and suppleness for your lips. At the same time, they help to keep your lips moisturised. No wonder, even fashionistas depend on natural lip balms for their lip care.

Benefits of Natural Lip Balm

Lips are among the most vulnerable parts in our body. Exposure to the sun, cold temperatures, dry weather, and a lot of other factors can result in chapped lips, cracks, and even dryness. While a lip balm can be an effective remedy to fight against these odds, not all lip balms deliver the same result. Having a natural lip balm in your kitty can help you to sail over these issues effortlessly. To put it simply, natural lip balms help to nourish, soothe, moisturise, and replenish your lips with their natural glow. They are also easy to use and carry around. The best part is that they protect your lips against further damage while adding a sparkle to your smile.

How Often Should You Use Lip Balm?

Are you wondering, “How often should I apply lip balm?” Well, since natural lip balms are devoid of any chemicals or synthetic ingredients, you can use them regularly. They are the answer to the standard query of which lip balm is best for daily use. You can even use them more than once a day if you feel the need. However, remember to draw a fine line between regular use and excessive use. As they say, too much of anything can be harmful! So, use your natural lip balm regularly and sensibly.

What Is the Best Lip Balm to Use?

Natural lip balms enriched with the goodness of fruits are among the best ones for use. Apart from the hydrating and softening qualities, fruit lip balm comes with an aromatic flavour, which makes them a real pleasure to use. Strawberry lip balmis one of the top choices in the list of fruity-flavoured lip balms available in the market today. Yes, strawberries are not just good for making shakes, but for other purposes as well! Is strawberry good for lips? A big yes! There are several strawberry lip balm benefits. To begin with, they can heal your lips, lock in moisture, keep them hydrated, and leave them looking soft and shiny. Given the strawberry lip balm price range, they are quite easy on the pocket too. You can easily order this lip balm online, which is another advantage. Many people also wonder which lip balm is best for dark lips. Strawberry flavoured lip balm ticks the box for this query as well. This is one lip balm that compliments all skin tones and makes for a great choice regardless of the colour of your lips.

How Do You Apply Lip Balm Perfectly?

Just selecting or owning a lip balm won’t help matters. You need to apply it correctly. So, how do you go about doing it? Most lip balms come with an applicator. All you need to do is roll the dial at the bottom and allow the balm to come up a little bit. Apply an even thin coating on your lips using a circular motion and you are done! Finally, always keep your lip balm handy and use it as and when required. Your lips will be glad for this little effort on your part.

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