Our Skinderellas’ Bucket List

Who doesn't have a bucket list? Things you want to experience or achieve before you die – there's always so much you want to do. It also means that if your time to go comes before you accomplish these tasks, you will regret not having done them. A bucket list pushes people to go after what they want, live the moment and be spontaneous. So we asked our Top 10 Skinderellas what their bucket list was to get to know them better, and here's what they had to say.

1. "I aspire to become Miss India, travel every corner in India with my family and go on a kickass road-trip with my girlfriends" – Anushka Sharma

Well, all the best Anushka! Hope your dreams come true.


2. "I want to experience all the extreme adventure sports such as skydiving, snorkeling, skiing, etc. I also want to see the Northern Lights which is a magnificent sight to behold much like the Sakuras in Japan that bloom once a year." – Amishka Dewan

Exploring the wonders that mother nature offers is a wish everyone wants to fulfill. We feel you, girl!


3. "Bucket list? Travelling, travelling and travelling." – Arushi Tariyal

Because when you've got the soul of a wanderer, you know that the only way to escape the urge is to just escape.


4. "I want to travel alone. I want to ride a sports bike. I want to experience para- gliding. I want to buy my own car. I want to have more than 100 pair of heels before I turn 25!" – Khushboo Malhotra

You sure know what you want. You go, girl!


5. "I want to learn a foreign language, start saving, get a makeover done, be a model for some of the best photoshoots, learn driving and get a license & own a pet." – Lavina Khanchandani

Wow, that's a diverse list you got there. You will be accomplishing these in no time!


6. "I don't have a bucket list, but before I turn 27 I want to travel to beautiful hill stations with my cousins, buy a lovely home for my parents in my home town and have a home that accommodates all the 50 members in my family." – Manisha Rautela

Looks like the Skinderellas are going a long way, and we hope they do! Getting to know them just a little better makes them so relatable – a little bit of adventure, a little bit of wonder and a lot of heart, just to sum it up!

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