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Skinella Combo Honey Oats Face Scrubs, Juicy Fresh De-Tan Face Mask, & Cranberry lightening creme

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The combo consists of –
Skinella Face Scrub – Honey Oats
Skinella Skin Lightening Creme – Cranberry
Skinella De-Tan Face Mask – Juicy Fresh

1) Skinella Face Scrub – Honey Oats
Two superfood ingredients long known for their healing properties in one powerful face scrub! Packed with the natural goodness of honey and oats, Skinella’s Honey Oats Face Scrub exfoliates the skin, clears buildup of dead skin cells, and leaves your face feeling soft, clean, and hydrated. Oats soak up the excess oil on your skin, boost collagen production, improve complexion, and reduce skin inflammation. Honey works to deeply moisturise the skin, cleanse the pores from within, lighten scars, and heal sunburns. Honey also has powerful antibacterial properties, benefiting those with skin prone to breaking out. Together, these power-packed ingredients join forces to effectively exfoliate your skin and keep you glowing, all week long. It’s time to get yourself a glow up— what are you waiting for?

2) Skinella De-Tan Face Mask – Juicy Fresh
It’s always fun under the sun when you use our De-tan Juicy Fresh Face Mask! Made using a host of powerful skincare superfoods like citrus fruits, blueberries, shea butter, and sunflower seed oil, this mask works wonders to repair your skin, leaving a tan that’s visibly lighter and a face that’s much brighter! With their high Vitamin C content, citrus fruits like oranges and lemons work hard to remove dark spots and blemishes, while omega-3-rich sunflower seed oil helps unclog pores, fastening up cell renewal. Blueberry brings important antioxidants that add glow and brightness to your skin, and shea butter keeps your face nourished and moisturised. Use this mask after a long day out in the sun or add it to your weekly routine; Skinella’s De-Tan Juicy Fresh Face Mask will de-tan your skin, protect it from dark spots, and leave it as bright as the moon.

3) Skinella Skin Lightening Creme – Cranberry
Add radiance to your skin tone with Cranberry skin lightening crème. Containing pure Cranberry extracts with SPF 15, this light and non-greasy crème helps in correcting uneven skin tones and dark spots. Apply it liberally on your skin everyday and unveil a fair and glowing complexion.


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