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What’s In Her Bag?

Magazines will tell you how to pack the trending mascaras and lipsticks in your bags. But when you’re on the go, it’s likely that the trending lip colour will not be of much use as compared to a hand sanitizer. As a fearless bawse who loves her natural beauty, we know you’re here to tick off everything off this list, nodding your head in approval. And if you’re someone who’s learning to be free, fearless and natural, we’re sure this is going to be super helpful.

Keep scrolling to know the 10 things you need in your bag (Cheers, if you already have them) that will prepare you for just about anything.

  1. Lotion

Sweet smelling while we’re at it. Because no one’s got time to be embarrassed about chapped skin! Plus smelling of berries always wins you brownie points.

  1. Lip balm

Hydrated lips are great, plus there’s no tension of getting lipstick stains or lipstick patches on your lips.

  1. Comb

What if there’s an emergency party you need to attend and all you can think of is “what do I do about my flyaway hair!” You never know what might come up and you know a comb is one of the best friends a girl must have.

  1. Roll On

Sweet smelling lotions are fine, but those underarms need that roll on (especially if you’re commuting). Smelling good will win you brownie points, remember this for life.

  1. Gum

Instant mouth fresheners, of course a bawse lady needs this one!

  1. Hand Sanitizer

A fearless femme knows how unhygienic things are around her and she never forgets to protect herself from infection.

  1. Phone Charger

What if your battery runs out on your just when you need to use those maps? Or your phone conks off just when that super important Skype call is scheduled? No bawse got time for that!

  1. USB Drive

Sounds out of place, doesn’t it? But this boss lady knows information transfer can come at an unexpected time. And she does not like to be unprepared.

  1. Tissues

A super duper important component of everyone’s bag, a pack of tissues can save you from some of the most sticky situations (literally!)

  1. Cardholder

Because you never know when you might be required to network! What if that man in the bus is the CEO of the company you’ve been eyeing since forever? What if you car pool with a potential client? The possibilities are endless!

So, how many did you cross off your list?

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