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Your Career. Your Way

Thinking about your career can get taxing. What is my job going to be like? Will my colleagues be nice? Will they like me? Will I like them? How would my boss be like? Will I get a nice project? What if I do not want to do this at all? You see, all this will definitely get taxing.

We’re here to share with you 4 tips that will not only help with deciding a career path, but in every other aspect of life.

  1. Ask for help when needed

No matter how smart you are, it isn’t possible for you to know everything and nobody at your workplace expects you to either. You must trust that people higher up or who have been there longer know the process and are there to support you.

This also helps to build relationships in the office. The better your relationships with various stakeholders in your work life are, the smoother and happier your journey will be.

  1. Don’t be bogged down by failures, they are important

Failure makes you stronger. Not only does it teach you techniques and methods to be better at your job, it also trains you to have a keener eye when proofing your work. It makes you more diligent and motivates you.

What matters here is what you learn from failure. You must reflect on what exactly went wrong, and figure out steps to avoid this in the future.

  1. Have a five year plan and break it down into smaller action plans

When you do have a five-year plan, break it down into smaller one-year plans. These small plans include actionable steps of goals that you can achieve immediately, with action plans. The more broken down these plans are, the more achievable they will be.

In an ideal sense, backward planning works best. You have a five-year plan; detail it for the next year by creating a timeline monthly. As the months approach, create goals per month.

  1. Understand there is no perfect job

No matter how successful you are, there will never be a time where all days in the year are brilliant, productive and exciting. Ups and downs are a part of life and work.

Even in your dream job, two days out of five maybe bad, monotonous and sometimes you may not want to get out of bed.

The important thing to see is that the other days are still putting a smile on your face, challenging you to push yourself and making your brain tick. Use this to motivate yourself to go back to work the next day, clean slate ready to take on the world!

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