Body Care Products

Lemon Zest Hand Cleansing Gel
Fortified with lime, neem, thyme, rosemary, aloe vera, vetiver and sage, Skinella Lemon Zest Hand Cleansing...
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Peach Hand Wash
Wash away dirt, grime and germs with Skinella Peach Hand Wash. Enriched with Peach extracts and...
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Skinella Carambola & Shea Butter Hand Cream
Indulge in this perfect moisturizing hand cream which is made with Carambola and Shea Butter extracts....
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pink guava body polish scrub
Pink Guava
Body Polish Scrub
Relish a good body scour with this luxurious pink Guava body polish scrub, which comes packed...
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Green Lime & Olive Gel Body Wash
Revitalize your senses with Green Lime & Olive gel body wash which comes packed with pure...
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mandarin gel body wash
Gel Body Wash
Transport your senses to a tropical paradise with Mandarin gel body wash, which is a tangy,...
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Milky Rose Body Butter
Milky Rose Body Butter
Treat your body to this refreshingly gorgeous Milky Rose body butter that helps keep your skin...
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Skinella Apricot Seed Scrub Handmade soap
Refresh your skin with Skinella Apricot Seeds Scrub handmade soap which is made with apricot scrub...
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Skinella Orange Zest Handmade soap
Take pleasure in the citrusy and tangy bathing experience with Skinella Orange Zest soap. With orange...
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Mixed Fruit Handmade soap
Refresh your skin with Skinella Mixed Fruit soap, a rich and exciting blend of lemon, papaya,...
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Put yourself first with a range of tantalising Body Care products:

Rejuvenate. Refresh. Rediscover what it’s like to fall in love with your skin!

While we give our face all the loving it deserves, let’s not forget about nourishing our body too! The right body care products can redefine your skin care routine and breathe a whole new life into your skin.

Benefits of Body Care Products:

From deep pore cleansing scrubs to exfoliating gels, it’s important to cleanse away all the dirt and impurities that we accumulate over the day. This draws out all the dirt and oil can often result in acne and other skin related problems. Furthermore, exfoliation stimulates the skin cells and improves blood flow which results in a healthy glow.

Bathing with a shower gel or a body wash is much more nourishing than your average soap bar. It rehydrates and moisturizes your skin leaving it soft and supple and takes your shower game up by a notch thanks to the relaxing experience and scent.

Skinella’s Natural Body Care Products crafted just for you

Unique flavours, intoxicating goodness and a whole lot of nourishment is what awaits you with Skinella’s fruity fresh skincare goodies. Scrub away all your worries with exfoliating body scrubs that will leave your skin silky smooth! You’re in for a shower experience like no other when you add a little bit of Skinella to your everyday routine.

So hop on and revitalise your senses with a number of shower gels and body wash products that you simply can’t miss out on!

Body Care Tips to check off your list

Choose a scrub that exfoliates yet hydrates: While it’s easy to find a body scrub that gets rid of excess oil and dirt, you don’t want to leave your skin dried out and rough. Opt for an exfoliating scrub like Skinella’s Pink Guava body polish scrub that gently removes dead cells while hydrating your skin too.

A body wash that doesn’t dry out your skin: There are a range of shower gels and body wash that get the job done, but what you really need is a product that truly cares about your skin. While Skinella’s fruity shower gels gently wash away the day’s dirt and impurities, they also replenish your skin with hydrating oils so you’ll never be left high and dry.

Lather up with soaps that do wonders to your skin:Pamper your skin with Skinella’s handcrafted soap range, infused with the goodness of real fruits. Rich in fruit extracts, our Mixed Fruit Handmade Soap & Orange Zest Handmade Soap leave your skin feeling refreshed, radiant and nourished!