Skinella Strawberry Lip Butter 10gm

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Indulge in the sweet flavor of Strawberry, and get soft and moisturized lips with Skinella Strawberry lip butter.

How To Use
  • “Take a small amount of lip butter and apply
    it on your lips to keep them soft and supple.”




What is Skinella’s Lip Butter?

Skinella’s Lip Butter is a buttery soft formula that glides and melts onto your lips, keeping them hydrated and moisturised. This lip butter is deliciously creamy, and gets absorbed into your lips easily.

How do I use Skinella’s Lip Butter?

Swipe your finger across a tin of Skinella’s Strawberry Lip Butter, apply it gently on your lips, and repeat as needed!

What are the benefits of this lip butter?

Made with real strawberry extracts, Skinella’s Strawberry Lip Butter exfoliates the lips and softens them, adding a soft rosy hue. It also hydrates and moisturizes the lips, leading to healthy & rejuvenated lips!

How often can I use this lip butter?

Skinella’s Strawberry Lip Butter can be used throughout the day, as required. Q. Why should I include this lip butter in my daily skin care routine? Lips have sensitive skin, and over the course of the day, are exposed to pollution, dust, dirt, and other skin irritants. Using Skinella’s Lip Butter will lock in the moisture and maintain the natural balance of your lips, resulting in baby-soft lips!


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