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Skinella Combo Dragon Fruit Face Mask, Pomegranate & Tomato Toner, Cherry Berry Day Cream

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The combo consists of –
Skinella Dragon Fruit Deep Cleansing Face Mask
Skinella Day Cream Cherry Berry 100gm
Skinella Cleanser Toner Pomegranate & Tomato

1) Skinella Day Cream Cherry Berry 100gm

Made with cherries and blackberries, Skinella Cherry Berry Day Cream gives your skin an instant moisture boost. Rich in anti-oxidants, this light and non-greasy cream glides softly on your skin, leaving it nourished, hydrated and deeply moisturized

2) Skinella Dragon Fruit Deep Cleansing Face Mask

The power of the dragon(fruit), harnessed effectively in one handy face mask! Skinella’s Dragon Fruit Deep Cleansing Face Mask is made with real dragon fruit beads, softening your skin and cleansing it from within. The beads also work to exfoliate skin cells and remove dead cells from the surface, unclogging pores and hydrating the skin cells from within. Dragon fruit is a great source of Vitamins C and E, that work together to protect your skin from harmful UV rays, soothe sunburns, and promote new cell growth. Effective on all skin types, this mask is especially helpful in getting rid of acne and leaving your skin baby-soft, nourished, and smooth as butter! Dragon fruits are also rich in antioxidants that help fight off free radicals, enhancing your inner glow. Use this mask for that insta-ready face that’ll glow for days.

3) Skinella Cleanser Toner Pomegranate & Tomato

This might just be the skincare super-product you didn’t know you needed. Crafted with real superfoods like pomegranates and tomatoes, Skinella’s two-in-one cleanser-toner formula cleans the skin and leaves it brighter, tighter, and more radiant than ever. Pomegranates help in improving skin health by reducing wrinkles, soothing and healing sun damage, reducing acne, and promoting collagen production to reduce fine lines. Tomatoes work to reduce excessive oil production, remove dead skin buildup, tighten the pores, and relieve redness or inflammation. Together, these two superb ingredients ensure that your skin continues to look youthful and bright, while nourishing it from within. Use this cleanser-toner as the first step in your skincare routine, or simply slap on some sunscreen after using it. Ready, set, hit refresh and get your new favourite skincare product!


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