Lip Care Products

Strawberry Lip Butter
Indulge in the sweet flavor of Strawberry, and get soft and moisturized lips.   Read More
Mirabelle Plum Lip Butter
Bid goodbye to chapped lips and add a burst of tangy-sweet flavor anytime, anywhere!   Read More

Kiss your worries goodbye with Lip Care products that understand you

Skipping out on lip balm? Stop right there. Your lips don’t lie when they tell you they need a little lovin’!

The skin on your lips is much softer and thinner which leaves it prone to cracking and getting chapped especially with seasonal changes.  The best thing you can do your lips is opting for a lip balm that not only rehydrates but also keeps them safe from the sun’s harmful rays!

Benefits of a Hydrating Lip Balm

Bid adieu to chapped lips with lip balms that lock in moisture and banish dryness, leaving your lips soft, velvety and smooth.

Enriched with essential oils, lip balms give back all the nourishment to your lips that is stripped off on a day-to-day basis. Apart from this, the delicious flavours and soothing aromas make it so much more enjoyable.

Get Lippy with Skinella’s Decadent Natural Lip Balms

Delve into a delicious range of natural lip balms that will leave you feeling spoilt for choice!  With its rehydrating properties and silky smooth texture that glides on easy peasy- these lip balms are a must have in every lip care routine.

Pamper yourself with a variety flavours like strawberry, coffee, peach and mandarin. Let the exotic goodness take over and leave your lips velvety soft and hydrated.

Easy tips to include in your lip care routine:

Don’t lick your lips: Every time you consistently touch or lick your dry lips, you only make it worse. Since the skin on your lips is thinner and lacks protection, licking your lips only leaves them more irritated. Instead of licking them obsessively, throw on some lip balm and watch them get hydrated in a matter of minutes.

Stay hydrated: A healthy inside reflects a healthy outside. It’s important to stay hydrated and drink up plenty of water when suffering from chapped lips.

Always carry a lip balm: Good things come in small packages! Lip balms are the saviours that fit into any bag thanks to their convenient design and size. Always be sure to carry your lip balm before you leave the house so you can keep your lips hydrated on the go.