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Lips don’t lie!

It’s time to pucker up! Make up with your relationship with your lips! Young adults are constantly on the move, and our lips bear the brunt of many of our bad habits. (stop biting your lips when you’re stressed!) We often engage in our skincare regimens religiously, but forget to take care of our lips with the same dedication. Lips are one of the most sensitive parts of our body, and are often ignored in our daily routine. Lip care is needed because the skin on our lips is much thinner and more delicate than the skin on the rest of our body.

Regularly caring for our lips helps to maintain their natural moisture and protect them from environmental elements like wind and sun. Everyone should embrace the practice of using lip balm, it’s truly da balm! Lips are exposed to various elements every minute of every day, and that’s a lot to endure with the bitter cold, dry air, and blazing sun. To keep youthful, wrinkle-free lips, you must provide them with intense hydration! This can help prevent chapping, cracking, and other damage.

Your lips need proper care to look and feel their best! Lips can become chapped very easily, and this can be quite painful and unappealing. Our lips can also lose their natural color and become pale if they are not properly cared for, and our lips must look perfect for every selfie! Every time you smile for a picture, your lips are secretly telling you “put some lip balm on me NOW!”

Here are a few compelling reasons for why you should make lip care an important part of your daily schedule!

Lipstick sticks!

Many lip glosses and lipsticks that we use have harmful levels of chromium, lead, aluminum, cadmium and several other toxic materials! There are several dyes which many premium lipstick brands use that strip your lips of moisture and leave them feeling dryer than ever before! Even if we have to use lipsticks, putting a lip balm first almost acts as a primer and keeps the lips perfectly hydrated!

Cracked Lips

Our lips go through a lot throughout our lifetimes, they are continuously exposed! It is crucial to occasionally assist them by keeping them moisturized and nourished with lip balm.

Youthful Lips

Cracked lips make you look much older! They quickly shrivel up and get creases and wrinkles all over if there is too much exposure and not enough care. As an alternative, if you take proper care of them, they will continue to be appealing, healthy, and youthfully plump.

Do NOT lick them!

Every now and then, we are all guilty of being a bit lazy and just licking our lips instead of taking out our lip balms! However, licking your lips sometimes causes more harm than good. Every time you lick your lips, the saliva actually causes the air to swiftly evaporate, sucking up any moisture, further drying and chapping your lips. So, whenever you feel the temptation to lick your dry lips, resist the urge. Make an attempt to locate the lip balm that will effectively hydrate them!

Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate!

Lip exfoliation is essential for ensuring that lip balm hydrates your lips adequately. Like your skin, lips can develop layers of dead skin. You can take off that layer from your lips by exfoliating them with a particular lip-based solution, allowing the moisture to completely hydrate them.

The good news is, there are a number of ways in which you can care for your lips!
The Skinella lip balm is here at your service! A good lip balm can help protect and nourish your lips, providing a barrier to lock in moisture and lock out external irritants. It can also help to soothe and heal chapped, dry, or cracked lips. Additionally, many lip balms contain SPF to protect your lips from sun damage. Make sure to use a nourishing lip balm every day! Lip care products like a hydrating lip balm make sure your lips are never devoid of moisture. If your lips do become chapped, applying natural lip balm will help the skin on your lips heal more quickly and effectively. Additionally, it fills in any skin crevices, making chapped lips less prone to infection and discomfort.

The Skinella lip butter comes in two exciting flavors that are filled with the goodness of superfoods to make sure your lips are always looking and feeling beautiful! The strawberry lip balm (the Skinella Strawberry Lip Butter) has the sweet flavor of natural strawberries and will keep your lips soft and healthy! Our other tangy-sweet flavor is also a must-have; Skinella’s Mirabelle Plum Lip Butter! After many years of research, we have tried to develop products that can be seamlessly incorporated into your regular schedules. We want to empower young people and help them feel their best! All Skinella products are cruelty-free, certified by PETA and vegetarian! Each and every product of ours goes through stringent quality assessments, and stability and compatibility processes for 6 months. They are tested under extremely high temperatures. We believe in the remarkable powers of superfoods, and are here to change how you think of your skincare!

As you can see, lip care is incredibly important for a variety of reasons. Lip balms are not only good for lip health, but are an amazing way to keep your lips looking glossy all day long! They add a hint of color and also brighten your lips. We’re all here for the fuss-free glam look;
try our lip balms regularly, and see the difference in how your lips look and feel.