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Best Friend Yes. Best Friend No.

Is getting into a romantic relationship worth the risk of losing a platonic friend?

Humans are social animals; the need to connect and form relationships is what makes us different. We’re scared of being alone, scared of dying a lonely death. We overcome this paranoia by seeking out partners; we connect with strangers and form bonds of love. We hit and miss until we find the perfect partner.

But what happens when you realise a best friend is who you’ve been searching for all this while? What if a situation out of FRIENDS, MujhseDostiKarogey and KuchKuchHotaHai actually seems like a possibility? Let’s weigh the pros and cons.

Pros – Growing old with my best friend

Dating your best friend makes complete sense. They understand you, they accept you for all your quirks and weaknesses. They empower you, they understand your fears and they’re there to support you through and through. You know you can spend time with them without getting bored. You can relax, and not panic, and make this relationship work.

Pyaardostihai, after all!

Cons – Losing out on my best friend

What if the relationship doesn’t work out and you end up losing out on a great friendship too? Is it really worth the risk? What if there’s no going back to what once was? The risk is really high, isn’t it? Plus knowing your best friend so well, there might not be scope for any mystery left, right? What if things get boring?

Also, who will now be your best friend? There are some things you can’t share with a partner and dating your best friend might now mean you can’t share EVERYTHING with them.

There is nothing more beautiful than growing old with your best friend. But not everyone may have that luck. It takes a lot of guts to take this leap of faith. But remember one thing- always listen to your gut.

What’s your take on the matter? We’d love to hear from you!

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